A place of memory and souvenirs of La Grenouillère on the island of Croissy, the visitor will travel back into the Belle Epoque and the path of the Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Pissarro. In a guinguette ambience described in the short novels by Maupassant, discover why these places attracted the Parisians of the XIXth century so much.

The museum has a collection of engravings signed by Crafty, Pelcoq, Lafosse, Robida, Grévin, Steinlen, paintings of the petits maîtres des bords de Seine: Clary-Baroux, Heilbuth, Marius- Eraud, Maincent, Morlon…, very good copies of the paintings of Monet and Renoir who immortalized Grenouillère in 1869 as well as objects describing the life at the guinguette with its activities such as canooing, swimming in the bains froids (cold baths), the Thursday night ball and the Seine landscapes.Temporary exhibitions of famous people or the habits and customs of the Belle Epoque of the Grenouillère also completes the visit.